You're already an exceptional writer. The Story Map will make you an exceptional storyteller, which will set you apart from the countless other novelists and memoirists who are lost in the woods of their projects, unable to see the forest for the trees.

The map delineates three territories: Character, Plot, and Theme, and the elements that comprise them. Whether you're a beginner or expert, many drafts in or just getting started, this breakthrough tool will guide you to a more impactful, publishable book.







Few diagrams ascend to the high altitude of theme, but the Story Map goes above and beyond to express its complex relationships with backstory, frontstory, character, plot, voice, and more.

From the rarefied air of moral arc and symbolism, to the terra firma of setting and scene, the map will take your understanding of theme to a new level and help you leverage it to strengthen every aspect of your story. 


Download the Legend


Lost in the woods of your novel or memoir? Download the Story Map and Legend. This psychoactive infographic will instantly increase your writing IQ and bring the landscape of your story clearly into focus.